New Report Shows Women Are Being Left Behind in the Tech Sector

The tech industry has long had a gender issue. Whether it be pay discrepancies between male and female employees or companies’ poor handling of sexual harassment claims, the tech sector has a long way to go when it comes to discrimination and equality. Not only do these issues frustrate and hold back employees, but it has adverse effects on the companies as well.

Director X & Jay Rosenzweig on Combating Gun Violence

Director X & Jay Rosenzweig on Combating Gun Violence

We both know violence is not exclusive to any race or class. There are people from all walks of life who act out violently when their emotions get the best of them. Getting a handle on violence, and gun violence specifically, requires a major multi-faceted, multidisciplinary effort that addresses mental illness, poverty, societal strains and the rising tide of hateful, divisive communication.

Jay Rosenzweig Judge At Major Cannabis Hackathon

The intersection between cannabis and technology cannot be overstated. From supply chain tracking and strain identification to potency testing and distribution management, the applications for advanced tech within the cannabis industry are staggering. That is why GrowUp’s first-ever Cannabis Hackathon took place this past week at Brainsights’ head office in Toronto, Canada!

Jay Rosenzweig quoted on issues of CEO Succession Planning

"a key component in structuring a successful search is establishing, in advance, realistic compensation parameters. This allows the recruiter to better target the most relevant candidates, which typically saves time and produces more satisfying results for all parties. As with so many things, strong up-front research and a common understanding of objectives can make or break an executive recruitment project."