Nadia Theodore on the Rosenzweig Report

Nadia Theodore.jpg

We can no longer claim to be unaware of the business case for diversity. The latest Rosenzweig Report reminds us that a failure to tackle the structural barriers and persisting negative (and often unconscious) perceptions associated with diverse leadership will continue to keep women and minorities out of senior roles. Despite all the evidence that diversity is necessary for strong economic performance, there remains a widely held view that a focus on diversity across an organization - but especially in senior leadership – means compromising skill or qualifications. Accelerating the pace of progress requires us to get comfortable with the fact that historically men have been given access based on potential. Women should not be held to any higher of a standard, and this should be front of mind as leaders work to ensure opportunities for women to gain experience in P&L roles. I applaud Jay Rosenzweig for his leadership and his commitment to keeping us honest about how far we have come and how much more there is to do.

Nadia Theodore, Consul General of Canada, Southeastern United States