Jessica Yamoah on the Rosenzweig Report

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Despite the progress that has been made in the movement for gender equality and inclusivity, there is a significant lack of Women in executive roles, and or with profit and loss responsibilities directly impacting how business are run. When in the position, women have proven we are capable of succeeding with this task. Dispelling a perceived lack of ability, rather highlighting a lack of opportunity that is cause for address. Allyship has been integral to my well-being and success. It has afforded me access, and raised overall awareness about the lack of diversity and inclusion with a focus on the intersections of gender, and ethnicity. The Rosenzweig Report is one example of accountable, consistent, and trusted allyship that has contributed to raising awareness. As matters that directly affect Women arise, it is for us to recognize how we are all impacted. And how we can all be an ally. As gender equality and inclusivity evolve, we need more courageous allies like Jay Rosenzweig and company to effect change and to increase the number of Women in profit and loss roles, who can positively impact business and the world we live in.

Jessica Yamoah, Founder & CEO, Innovate Inclusion