Tia Duffy on the Annual Rosenzweig Report

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Fashion and education are universes apart when evaluating our knowledge of the images we see in the media daily. Advertisements have been manipulating us and guilting us into buying products for years. With the overwhelming influence of technology and social media, I found a void in educational curriculum. Why are we not learning about Photoshop and the subliminal messages in advertising that damage our body image and self-esteem? Who is responsible for the education? We all must collaborate to fight for equality, and to embrace diversity. That’s why I founded Be Body Aware. A global fashion and educational project to celebrate and educate on diversity and making changes to the universal standards of beauty. And that is why Jay Rosenzweig has been advocating for gender diversity through his report for the past 13 years. Kudos for his efforts. United we stand!

Tia Duffy, Founder, Be Body Aware