Lorraine Bell on the Rosenzweig Report

“Seven continents, 82 countries, 673 marches - more than 5 million people globally showed up on January 21, 2017 to advocate for legislation and policies to protect women’s rights amongst many other important issues. People, mostly women, from completely diverse backgrounds and ages, united together in a historic peaceful protest. I was lucky to be in D.C. with one of my daughters where I witnessed tremendous energy and strength of those in attendance. Women’s rights in the workplace, in the community and in the government are not only important but essential to the wellbeing equation for any country, community or corporation. As women assume more leadership roles in our governments, in our communities and in the companies we work for or help to create, the payoff for everyone dramatically increases. We have made vast strides in North America but we must do better to make sure that women are compensated equally, have access to higher education and leadership opportunities. Social gender equality highly correlates to higher incomes, better human rights and greater individualism. What’s good for women – turns out to be good for all. Thank you, Jay, for this valuable and honest accounting of women’s status in the workplace in Canada.”

Lorraine Bell, a Canadian in NYC, Board Director of the OFA, IBI Group & Brookfield Real Estate Services, the NYG&BS