Lee Moser on the Rosenzweig Report

“Innovation in the Israeli ecosystem is not only in leading technology R&D. It is also in spearheading social change, where woman are encouraged and empowered to start and lead their own businesses, be entrepreneurial and pursue their ideas and dreams. But there is still ways to go. In my 10 years of professional experience as a business leader both in the private and public sectors, I’ve experienced firsthand the difficulties and challenges for women to go up the corporate ladder, and how much harder we have to work to gain professional recognition.

We need to integrate more women into this ecosystem. As a start, I think that all women who have broken the glass ceiling should share their fortune and actively reach out to female colleagues and offer mentorship, guidance and support, to help them grow in this competitive world and assume leadership positions. I’m proud to be part of a strong and professional women led company and an ecosystem that promotes and empowers women.”

Lee Moser, Head Of North America & Investor Relations, iAngels; Former Chief of Staff to the Israeli Ambassador to The United States