Kirstin Luck on the Annual Rosenzweig Report


2017 was a turbulent and trying year to be a woman but I’m optimistic about what 2018 has in store. Women are feeling more emboldened than ever to raise our voices. Whether it’s about pay equality, sexual harassment or paid leave, we’re bringing these issues into the mainstream. The Rosenzweig Report once again provides invaluable insights about the state of women in leadership roles that illuminates how far we have to go while also charting a clear path to equality. This year I hope to see more women running for political office, more female board members, more female entrepreneurs and the beginning of a long-overdue global conversation about the abuse of male power and privilege and the objectification of women. I’m thankful for male advocates like Jay who continue to champion women in the workplace.

Kristin Luck, Founder, Women In Research