Isaac Olowolafe on the Rosenzweig Report

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In contrast to the popular belief that the number of women in CEO roles is rising, it is instead a fact that the number of women CEOs at Fortune 500 and FP 100 companies fell over the last year. Last year’s performance tells us one thing: Women leaders remain underrepresented and this won’t be easily rectified even though we’d all be better off with more inclusion. Women, like other minorities, add diversity -- a powerful antidote to “group think” that can, at times, derail an economy or even worse. The Rosenzweig Report -- offers a critical glimpse at our reality today. All interlinked to today’s efforts to put more women in the C-Suite -- we can triumph and better ourselves and shed our ignorance if we pay attention. It starts with dispelling widely held beliefs and instead looking at the facts.

Isaac Olowolafe, President of Dream Maker Corp.