Heather Munroe-Blum on the Rosenzweig Report


“There is some encouragement to be had with more women now serving on Canadian Boards of Directors and occupying senior executive positions than previously. But the numbers remain low. It has been well-demonstrated that those companies drawing on the talents, diverse mindsets, and leadership skills of women, attain better business outcomes. The Rosenzweig Report plays a critical role in showing a realistic profile of where we stand today, and, in exposing Canadian businesses to the clear benefits of bringing women into the C-suite and onto corporate boards. To make broad, meaningful progress requires us to understand the current gaps that exist with a lack of diversity at the top of many Canadian corporations, along with the great competitive value to be had in championing progress in this area.”

Heather Munroe-Blum, Chair, Canada Pension Plan Investment Board; Director, RBC Financial Group; Former Principal and Vice-Chancellor, McGill University; Member, 30% Club