Headline News about Marissa Mayer: Woman Runs Company While Pregnant!

Everyone is going crazy over the fact that Yahoo hired Marissa Mayer to be its new CEO. This time, it’s not so much about the fact that they hired a woman to be their CEO–that is not as rare as it used to be. According to Fortune, only 19 of the top 500 US corporations are run by women. What has got the media all buzzed about this is the fact that what seemed like moments after Mayer was hired, she announced she is pregnant.

Oh, no! Can she still be a CEO? Can she be a good mother? What does this mean? Can Mayer have it all? Did she just break a huge glass ceiling?

The fact is that for centuries, women have been doing incredible things–and doing them with intelligence and creativity–while pregnant. True, it is only fairly recently that women have held high corporate jobs while gestating children (I don’t know who else has, but I bet there is at least one CEO that has been pregnant on the job before). But my guess is that Mayer will do just fine, particularly on her CEO salary. And one day, perhaps, she may have PMS and be able to conduct a board meeting. Who knows, she may even go through menopause and at the same time have turned Yahoo into a tech and media juggernaut. For her sake, let’s hope the media and thousands of women aren’t hanging on her every move.