Evolution of Executive Recruitment in Toronto

Executive recruitment in Toronto is constantly changing, going through transitions and shifts season to season and it is also unique for what it offers clients looking to fill open positions, and applicants looking for positions. In the business world, Toronto is known for its leadership in many different industries, including the financial and media sectors.

Although the executive recruitment landscape can change from city to city, the one common trait that can be found is that it always closely mirrors the largest industries in that city, which means that a large portion of recruitment in Toronto is focused around the larger industries, including the financial and media industries.

Toronto is well known as Canada’s financial corporate headquarters hub with all of the major banks and key players working in close proximity. At Rosenzweig & Company, we recognize that any leader in financial services needs to not only be able to keep up with this expansive marketplace, but drive success and handle major projects for a wide variety of clients.

In the past, your personal network was key to success in the industry, however, with increased growth in the field and with international markets becoming more connected, it has become much more difficult to build and maintain a network capable of fully representing the field. This change is of special importance to recruiters.  As the size of the industry grows, and international connections become more important, the focus on recruitment will likely shift toward requiring a fundamental understanding of the industry and the specific needs of the client instead of who has the biggest Rolodex.

As one of the world’s leading media hubs, Toronto has rich media and technology sectors that thrive on rapid innovation. In today’s ever changing and challenging marketplace, there is an even greater need for highly skilled and knowledgeable individuals who can help take companies and businesses to the next level. However, similar to the financial industry, identifying the right match for a recruitment project is becoming more complex. Past success is no guarantee of future innovation because each business will require unique management in order to apply said innovation.

As many other industries and sectors continue to change, so do the trends in executive recruitment. Over the years, there has been an emphasis on a very personalized approach at Rosenzweig & Company, which isn’t always the norm. The common stereotype in the industry has been that executive recruiters with the largest lists of contacts can offer the most to clients, but time has shown this isn’t always the case. Particularly in the financial sector, in-person connections are no longer good enough when building relationships, and finding the right candidate for the right position; effective recruiting has and always will be about the client, and understanding the business objectives surrounding the need for executive talent.

Looking forward, media will continue to be about networking and creating connections, but in almost every case it is quality over quantity. Being able to understand which connections will be needed and which connections will offer the most value in a recruitment project will always trump sheer numbers.