Eva Wong on the Annual Rosenzweig Report

Eva Wong.jpg

This is a moment in history that we must take advantage of, when the impact of a lack of diversity among the powerful is getting the world’s attention. It seems like an overwhelming challenge, but each one of us can do our part, and the Rosenzweig Report is an important example. At Borrowell, we haven’t let being a fast-growing fintech startup stop us from making diversity a priority and one of our core values. Of course, lots of companies talk about diversity. We treat it like any other important goal - we set targets, measure key results and report on our progress. For us, diversity isn’t just about demographic stats, but ensuring that people with different life experiences feel they can be their authentic selves and contribute their unique perspectives to solving business problems. We must do better. Together, I’m confident we can do better.

Eva Wong, Chief Operating Officer, Borrowell