Dee Dee Taylor Eustace on the Rosenzweig Report

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“I never think that in my male-dominated profession of architecture that I should get a project because I am a woman rather than simply being the best person for that job. I am a woman entrepreneur who is not in the corporate structure, but every day I am in the workplace creating jobs bringing them into my philosophies of lead by example and carpe diem. Over 25 years, I have watched women retreat away from the workplace as the balance of family and work is not an easy dance. For women to advance, we need to value what is important in life which is family then work. Create an environment that celebrates excellence in people, then success in your profession flourishes. Through Jay Rosenzweig and his team continuing to do the important work of measuring and analyzing the progress of women in the workplace, we will have a reminder to constantly change our approach to maximizing the output from women so that we not only compete but elegantly conquer.”

Dee Dee Taylor Eustace, Architect and Interior Designer, and Author