Customer Loyalty Counts

At Rosenzweig & Company, beyond searching for executives, we  help companies succeed. Headhunting is not a commodity business for us. It is a relationship business; one in which we build long and lasting relationships with clients by becoming their advisors on assignments, doing tenacious research, and presenting relevant candidates for each position specified.

We have many stories which exemplify this client's focus. For example, we were called in for a CEO search by a company teetering on the brink of failure. When the company called us, we were told full payment may not be guaranteed because it was in such a bad state. Instead of fretting about short term payments, we quickly found the company an ideal CEO who turned the business around in less than a year. Today the company is thriving.

At Rosenzweig & Company, it is more about long term relationships than short term rewards. To date, this client has referred much business to us including mandates to take over, from others, the most challenging of assignments regardless of sector or function. We have been fortunate to work with clients with long memories because we realize loyalty is a two-way street.