Andrea Bonime-Blanc on the Rosenzweig Report

“The business case that a more balanced gender (and general diversity) leadership yields better financial and other results has been made many times over. It is urgent that both the private and public sectors address this alarming and persistent imbalance with every tool available. The bottom line is that humans (especially those in powerful positions) stay entrenched and so do their advisors (like board/executive search firms who search only for those their clients want them to search for). A system like this breeds stasis or incremental change at best. A more open, innovative and, if necessary, compulsory system will allow for greater and faster executive and board diversification to take place thus yielding greater value for all stakeholders, including shareholders.”

Andrea Bonime-Blanc, CEO & Founder, GEC Risk Advisory; Author, The Reputation Risk Handbook; Advisory Board, Rosenzweig & Company; Keynote Speaker; Board Director