New Report Shows Women Are Being Left Behind in the Tech Sector

The tech industry has long had a gender issue. Whether it be pay discrepancies between male and female employees or companies’ poor handling of sexual harassment claims, the tech sector has a long way to go when it comes to discrimination and equality. Not only do these issues frustrate and hold back employees, but it has adverse effects on the companies as well.

Tenzin Seldon on the Annual Rosenzweig Report

Gender equality is not just about empowering women, it is about empowering society. Equity is the source of economic and social advancement for all. And the only way to progress forward is when we methodically track and trace our steps. The Rosenzweig Report does exactly that. Jay Rosenzweig’s work has enabled us to hold companies accountable and to develop the strategies to move forward.

Jessica Yamoah on the Rosenzweig Report

Despite the progress that has been made in the movement for gender equality and inclusivity, there is a significant lack of Women in executive roles, and or with profit and loss responsibilities directly impacting how business are run. When in the position, women have proven we are capable of succeeding with this task. Dispelling a perceived lack of ability, rather highlighting a lack of opportunity that is cause for address.